Deion Sanders Is Getting The Deserved Headlines But Look At Texas State and G.J. Kinne

After the first weekend of college football, the conversation is about Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes.

And rightfully so.

What the Buffaloes did on Saturday to TCU was one of the biggest upsets in recent college memory.

TCU played for a National Championship last year. They were heavy favorites at home against a team that won one game last year.

But college football in 2023 is different. Coach Prime used the portal to his benefit and overhauled the roster.

Getting less attention than Sanders for obvious reasons, up I-35 in San Marcos, G.J. Kinne did the same thing at Texas State.

Picked to finish at the bottom of the Sun Belt, Kinne has overhauled the Texas State Bobcats roster with 53 new faces and their win over Baylor Saturday was just as stunning as the Buffs win over the Frogs – maybe even more so because Texas State flat out dominated a team from the Big12.

Both Sanders and Kinne used the current rules to start a new job and got immediate results. Both got wins in their debut despite being 20+ point underdogs to a Big 12 team.

It’s college football in 2023.

For Texas State and their slogan “Take Back Texas” – it seems to be working. I can’t remember the last time I saw that many posts on social media about Texas State – or got texts from friends that went there sending me messages excited about the football program.

I know this, after the Bobcats beat Baylor, this week’s game in the Dome vs UTSA seems a whole lot more interesting than it did a week ago.

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