Prediction Time. How far will the Cowboys go? Jason Minnix makes his NFL Season Picks.  

It is in the talk show host handbook – you have to make predictions before each NFL Season.

We will start with the NFC East – send your homer tweets to @JasonMinnix – I know they are coming because I am picking the Dallas Cowboys. This team with upgraded weapons for Dak Prescott and what will be a great defense will win the NFC East.

I know Philly is the popular pick, but the NFC East hasn’t had a repeat winner since 2004 and history also says the team that loses the Super Bowl won’t make it back to the Big Game.

I like San Francisco to win the NFC West, New Orleans to win the weak NFC South and Minnesota to win the North.

In the AFC, in what may be the toughest division, I am taking the Bills and a healthy Josh Allen to win the East. Cincinnati will win the North, Kansas City takes the West and Jacksonville will stroll to an easy AFC South Championship T-shirt and hat.

I have the Jets, Ravens and Chargers as the AFC Wild Card teams and The Eagles, Lions and Seahawks as the NFC Wild Card teams.

As for the Super Bowl – why not – Cowboys over the Bengals.

Who do you have?

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