The Johnny Football Documentary Is Worth The Watch But @JasonMinnix Says His Complete Story Is Not Yet Written

The Johnny Manziel documentary is worth the watch.

Honestly, I don’t know how much I learned watching Netflix’s “Untold: Johnny Football,” but it certainly added some color to the stories that we have all heard – either through the news or from people that I know that were in or close to the circles Johnny was in while in college.

As I approach my 26th year of doing high school football play by play in San Antonio, Johnny Manziel is one of the best players I have seen at the high school level. I have seen some good ones, but Johnny in high school was special.

I was doing games on Time Warner then, some of the footage was used in the Netflix documentary.

We had him on the radio show back then and even his redshirt freshman year, he did a half with us on Time Warner during a Tivy game at Steele. I had heard about the high school party stuff in Kerrville but all my interactions with him were positive. He was a great kid that said all the right things.

That is why I remember being surprised with some of the stories coming out of College Station and the documentary certainly peeled back the curtain.

I appreciate the honesty Johnny had in the documentary but the thing is, his story is not over – even if he actually tried.

See Ryan Leaf.

I first met Ryan Leaf in 2015 at Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco. Ryan was getting his life turned around. I don’t think he had ever done radio row before but he was checking it out. He had done a couple of interviews and he did The Blitz because he knew Dat Nguyen.

The conversation was about Johnny Manziel. If there is anyone that could relate to what Johnny was going through it was Ryan Leaf.

Ryan is now married with a kid. He has turned his life around, working with Transcend Recovery and doing a lot of broadcasting. More importantly, he owns his story, he does not run from it.

Maybe agreeing to do this documentary is Johnny owning his 20s. He is only 30 years old, like Ryan Leaf, I want to see the next chapter for Johnny Manziel.

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Jason Minnix and Johnny Manziel