The Pads Go On Today For The Cowboys. Jason Minnix On What He Will Be Watching For In Oxnard

Today 94.1 San Antonio Sports Star kicks off our Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Coverage in
Oxnard California. This is my 18th camp and every year leading up to camp the most common question is what are you hoping to see from the Cowboys?

It all starts with the quarterback. Dak is an easy answer but this year with the addition of Brandin
Cooks and Mike McCarthy calling plays – how different does that offense look and how is the
early chemistry with Dak and the receivers.

Aside from the obvious, backup running back is something to watch. I am not sold on Ronald
Jones. The team must like Rico Dowdle since they have kept him around for so long. The closer we
get to camp, with his size, the more I think Dowdle could be the guy, if he can stay healthy. Is it
Malik Davis? How do they use Deuce Vaughn?

If something happens to Tony Pollard, I honestly do not know if they have a guy in camp that
could assume the RB1 job.

On the offensive line, I hope to see Zack Martin but I am not worried. His holdout will not last
until the regular season. I do want to see how Terrence Steele looks coming off his injury.

On the defensive side, just watching Micah Parsons in person is a treat. I want to see how
Gilmore and Diggs play as a tandem. With an early injury to Donovan Wilson, I want to see the
young safeties.

How much space do I give kickers – it is a concern – but I will spend as much time on it as it
appears the Cowboys have….

And it’s always fun to watch what young player stands out at camp, becomes Mr. August, and
you don’t hear from him during the season.

What position group or player do you want us to watch and talk about – let me know on Twitter
@JasonMinnix and tune into The Blitz weekdays 2-6 on 94.1 San Antonio Sports Star.